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Individual or Immersive

4 Programs Include:

Presence: Mindfulness Strategies for  a Busy World

The Vision: Goal Setting Amplified

Heart to Heart: Individual Healing Session

TWP: The Worthiness Project Part 1 The Foundation

Imagine, moving through your day focused and engaged in the present moment.

A mindfulness practice can help to improve our focus and decrease stress, providing us with the opportunity to navigate situations without judgment. The best part is, it does not require special tools, instead we can use meditation, breath work and our five senses as a guide.

In this experiential session, participants will move beyond research into several practices. Hands on experience will provide the tools necessary to help them navigate the stresses of everyday life, both professionally and personally. 

Sessions are currently held over zoom.

Are you clear on the vision you hold for your life?

How do you encourage yourself to meet your dreams and goals?

How do you know if you are on the right track?

In this Four-Part workshop series we will focus on:

  • Defining your goals and overall vision
  • Developing an actionable strategy
  • Monitoring your mindset
  • Celebrating and nurturing yourself through the process.

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Individual healing sessions focus beyond your logical mind into the realm of energy. 

Using my highly developed Intuitive Skills, and training as a Reiki Master, sessions can provide the opportunity to move stagnant energy, uncover new information and insights or reaffirm your own intuitive knowing.

Individual sessions are unique, tailored to your specific needs at the time of the appointment. Many of my clients report feeling more calm, connected and centered after a session.

Sessions are currently held over zoom.

What if you had simple, practical tools enabling you to build your life from a foundation of worthiness?

This course will provide you with a chance to step back from the busy-ness of your life, spending intentional and focused time re-connecting to yourself and your inner wisdom, while being nourished by your connection to the Earth and the Divine. 

Over this eight-week course you will receive:

  • Individualized programming
  • 8 private sessions (approx. 1 hour) over zoom
  • Practical tools including mindfulness and journaling
  • Encouragement through inspirational quotes and reflective prompts

You will feel fully guided and supported as you unearth your own unique wisdom, navigating the journey from a strong foundation.