Find Your Foundation


40 Days of Support.
My intention is to provide you a safe place to land, a safe container where you feel nourished and supported.
A space to find your foundation and footing.

When we experience a significant shift in our lives, such as the end of a relationship or a career change, we may feel as though we've lost our foundation. We've been uprooted.
Join me in this 40 day sacred container, which includes:
40 days of personalized encouragement and prompts sent directly to your inbox.
3 Distance Energy Healing Sessions - I will connect with you energetically while you go about your day and we will discuss any information that comes up. I find this helpful as there is no agenda, its your energy and your guides communicating information for your highest good directly to me. 5 Zoom Coaching Sessions - Individualized to your needs and your own unique timing.


Investment: $750 + GST = $787.50


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